Mamaruga are proud to support the fantastic Building Bonds Project

Building Bonds logo
The Building Bonds Project is designed to help families and their children to be close, especially in times of crisis, need or trouble. They believe that every child should have the chance to enjoy close and loving contact with their primary caregiver. A comfortable, well fitting hands-free carrier will enable these essential bonds to form, building a happy brain.

The Building Bonds Project fits and donates slings and carriers to families in health, social or financial difficulties, who are unable to source their own carrier easily. Their aim is to break down the barriers to babywearing, making carriers accessible to those who need them most.

Based in Sheffield, but they can help families further afield if they are referred by their local sling library or consultant.

They are committed to reducing their impact on the environment and welcome donations of carriers in excellent used condition, depending on current demand. Please get in touch with them directly to discuss any donations of carriers through their contact form at

Building Bonds are a CIC (Community Interest Company), staffed by volunteers and reliant on the kindness of others and grants and donations to be able to support families. You can donate to their Project via their crowfunder link, via Paypal, or via their GoldenGiving link.

Thank you to everyone who has already supported the project or will do in the future, your kindness enables them to help more families in need.

We are proud to provide our Zensling and Zebulo carriers to families in need, and are determined to make our planet a better place! Let’s do it together!