Find Your Perfect Carrier

You are here… and hesitating to choose… This is so normal, we all ask the same questions over and over again before we decide. It is depends on many things. Like your baby’s age, your lifestyle, your body shape, your taste… You need to find your favourite carrier. As your child grows, your preferences will change.

Wearing your baby is really the art of strong bond. It has to be so natural and perfect. The most beneficial part of baby wearing is convenience. Please consider: learning how to wrap need some practise. You just need to trust yourself and keep trying. We hope these short overviews help you to decide the right one and share your story with us.


Mamaruga woven Wraps are coming in a variety of lengths (6 different lengths) of our beautifully woven fabric. Wrap around yourself and your baby, then start to carry in different positons. Can be used for front, back and hip carries. It’s suit every body size. Wrapping take some practise but definitely worth it. Suitable from birth onwards.


Mamaruga Buckle is a carrier with buckles, shoulders and waist strap. This type of carrier is like a backpack. It is very easy to use for front and back carry. Padded straps (both shoulders and waist) are comfortable even with bigger kids too. Our Buckles have sleeping hoods, leg padding, are adjustable in height. Made of 100% cotton fabric. We recommend from 4 months onwards. Not suitable for newborn babies.

Ring sling

Mamaruga Ring sling is a piece of woven wrap fabric with two rings sewn on one end. One size fits all, suit most body sizes. You can carry your baby on front, back and on your side. Not suitable for back carries. Please always carry your baby in an upright position so you can check her well-being at all times. Suitable from 2-4 weeks and will still be great for preschoolers.

Stretchy wrap

Mamaruga Stretchy wrap is a continuous piece of fabric which can tied in a variety of positions. With the Stretchy wrap it needs more practice just like tightening the woven wrap. We recommend especially in the beginning try to use a pre-tied carry (The Pocket Wrap Cross Carry) and remained tied after baby has been removed. This allowing you to place baby back in the sling without having to re-tie. Snuggly, soft and perfect. We recommend from 3.5 kg-12.5 kg.

Note for all type of carrier:

Before you buy, please consider your body size and your child’s size. All our carrier comes with its own bag and can carry in hand or on your back.

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