Nosy baby - is a forward facing baby carrier the answer?

Do you need a forward facing baby carrier? 

Around 4 months of age babies can get to a ‘nosy’ phase - we say it stands for ‘Not Only See You!’  As their eyesight develops they realise that there is more out there than just what is right in front of them, and they are keen to see it! You may think you have to turn your baby around to help with this - also known as a front facing out carry, world facing carry, front facing outwards carry, or forward facing carry - but is it the only option? Here are a few reasons why we think a hip carry could be a better solution.

Hip Carry or Forward Facing 

Have you ever tried a hip or side carry? Not sure where to start? Have a look at our user manual for a step-by-step guide!

Here are 10 points comparing a hip carry to a world facing carry:


Hip CarryFront Facing Out
Hip carry in a Mamaruga Zensling Forward facing in a baby carrier - world facing/front facing out in a Mamaruga Zebulo 
Great view1Great view
Safe to sleep in this position2Must turn baby around to sleep - risk of asphyxiation
Suitable from birth3Suitable when baby has good head, neck and torso control - usually 5/6m+
No time limit4Advised for upto 20 minute periods only
Easy to monitor baby’s cues about overstimulation/hunger etc5Cannot see baby’s face or read their cues
Baby can choose to hide if overstimulated/unsure6Baby cannot hide
Eye to eye contact - increased conversation and bonding7Baby can’t see you - due to object impermanence you no longer exist
No specific age or weight limit8Usually under 1 year old babies, less than 10kg, as it alters your centre of balance
Asymmetric carry - make sure you don’t tilt to compensate for baby’s weight. A snug fitting carrier will avoid this9Greater strain on your back
Ergonomic for both you and baby, a ‘natural’ position to carry your child10Not ergonomic unless you can get a deep seated position for baby, which makes it less ergonomic and comfortable for you



If you would like to world face your baby in one of our carriers - we recommend the woven jacquard fabric of the Zebulo as it is more structured and supportive than the stretchy fabric of the Zensling. Of course, a hip carry is suitable for both 😉

Your nearest sling library or babywearing consultant will be happy to help you get a good, ergonomic fit with any of our baby carriers and provide advice on which type of carry will suit you both.

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