Care and maintenance

Washing your Wrap, Podma

Even today, weaving is still a very organic process, it is the soul of art. At Mamaruga we believe our ancients heritage so we use 100% natural fibres and jacquard woven in a small mill.

The first thing with your wrap is to wash it. Please follow the instrurctions on the label. Washing cleans your wrap from dust and the weave is going to tighten together. We recommend that to wash your wrap at 30°C with a slow spin, using a liquid detergent. Do not use a fabric softener as this will weaken the threads after a period of time.

Your wrap will shrink a bit with the first wash, but our wraps are cut longer so you will get the perfect size. Your wrap shrinkage depends on how it is washed and dried. After washing your wrap, you can iron or just wear it and the cloth will relax out again. All our dyed cotton is perfectly safe for your baby. We only use yarn that is suitable for purpose.

Please follow the instructions on the label.

Washing your Podma, Zensling, Zebulo

We buy our fabrics from reliable sources. All of our fabrics are perfectly safe for your baby.

Please follow the instructions on the label.

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Please look after your carrier and it will look after you.

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