Sling safety

At Mamaruga we know that babies’ safety is very important and all our carriers are tested and approved by mums and babies.

  • Mamaruga Baby Carriers are suitable for babies weighing between 3-20 kg, but it depends on your carrier style. Please check the weight limit in your product description.
  • Never use our carriers with babies smaller than 3 kg.
  • Take care when bending or leaning forward.
  • Our carriers are not suitable for use during sporting activities.
  • Never use your carrier during any risky activities, eating hot food.
  • When you wearing your baby, please use your common sense at all times.
  • Never use a carrier with any sign of defects or damage.
  • Always check to ensure that all knots and adjustments are secure.
  • Ask someone to assist you at all times until you are confident and make sure your baby’s position is correct in the carrier.
  • Always make sure to keep your baby’s face clear of the carrier. Be aware at all times of your baby’s breathing.
  • Check on your baby often.
  • Do not carry your baby facing out.
  • Never place more than one baby in your carrier.
  • Never leave a baby or child unattended with the carrier.

Mamaruga recommends that you always follow the TICKS Rule for Safe Babywearing

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