Wrap size guide

Mamaruga wraps have the shape of a parallelogram. This gives you some extra wrap length for the knot. Please note: Mamaruga Wraps are longer than indicated but they will shrink slightly after wash. If you prefer extra length we recommend to buy one size bigger than your usual.

We make 5 different lengths:
Size 3 - 3.2m- Super newborn carry (Hip Cross Carry, Kangaroo Carry)
Size 4 - 3.7m- Poppable front carry (Short Cross Carry)
Size 5 - 4.2m- Supportive back carry for older babies (Ruck Tied Tibetan)
Size 6 - 4.7m- Super newborn carry (Front Wrap Cross Carry)
Size 7 - 5.2m- Multilayer carry for older babies (Double Hammock)
Ring Sling - one size fits all

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